Académie Scientific De Beauté presents its ‘Sun to Drink’ Tan Booster

  • Académie Scientific De Beauté launches its Académie Bronzécran, sun to drink tan booster that provides a safe and natural tan
  • Rich in nutrients and vitamins, the Sun to Drink tan booster is a great way to add to a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet
  • Available at the Enigma Beauty Group, Dubai

An easier, natural and healthy way of tanning comes in the ampoules of Académie Scientific De Beauté’s tan booster. Each ampoule packs a variety of vitamins and lemon bioflavonoids-based sweeteners that acts as a two-in-one nutritional supplement and sun tan booster.


The Sun to Drink prepares the skin for sun exposure to intensify and prolong a beauty, natural tan. Just one ampoule daily is all it takes: dilute it into water, or straight from the ampoule every morning for 10 days prior to sun exposure for a healthy, glowing tan.

Incorporated into a balanced diet, this tan booster provides the best results as an addition to a healthy lifestyle.