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Gift a sweet and colorful surprise with Edo Café’s special gift boxes

  • Edo café presents its delightful gift boxes
  • Elegant designed, these special dry-ice packed  gift boxes are the perfect giveaways for any occasion


Edo café, the Japanese inspired delicatessen café, unveils its Edo Mochi Cream desserts this season.

The traditional Asian rice cakes have evolved under the Edo café name to an exclusive range of frozen Mochi Cream made of soft, cream-filled dough covering an ice cream center that makes these well-balanced desserts a visual treat complimented with great taste and a variety of flavors.


Showcasing their special Mochi Cream gift boxes Edo café provides sweet treats ideal to send to those who matter. With convenient and aesthetic dry-ice packing, Edo packs fresh Mochi Cream that can travel far and wide for over 4 hours without the Mochi melting at all! Send love and a touch of rich Japanese heritage with the Edo gift box.