Feng Shui Tips for Career Success

Feng Shui is known as the Chinese art of arranging furniture for positive energy flow. It could be applied to different areas of your life to increase favorable situations and results. Feng Shui has been an area of study and recently has gotten much attention from celebrities such as the billionaire Donald Trump who admitted that he does it “because it makes [him] money”. Exploring the methods which incorporate Feng Shui to create favorable situations in terms of career.


1. Put up a picture of someone who inspires you.

Find a picture of someone who’s career you look up to. If you are an aspiring chef, find a place of a picture of Chef Gordon Ramsey. If you are looking to be a successful politician put a picture of a president you admire. You need to see success to attract success.


2. Declutter.

Clutter will hinder your career success, due to it causing a stagnation of energy. When you clean up your space you will find yourself being to focus better and accomplish more. When getting rid of things you will no longer be using you are letting energy flow, and making room for new energy in your life. By doing that you are give space for success to come in, and getting rid of old built up energy.


3. Activate the career area.

The north corner of your office is considered to have a strong relationship to your career, thus place a tortoise there, which is a wealth and success attractor. Also placing a water feature, or even a picture of water will help activate the success energy in the career area.


4. Pay attention to the elements.

In the north section of your office, you need to have elements which are either are black or white. Metal and water also help activate success ‘Chi’ which is the Feng Shui term for energy. Avoid crystal elements, earth colors, and big plants.


5. Happy Items.

Always make sure you have items, which generates feelings of happiness. By feeling happy you are create positive energy, and thus you will attract positive feelings.


With these tips you are ready to climb up that ladder which leads you to your career goals.