Elevation Burger

Want to have a burger that has the perfect combination of taste, juiciness and health? Then elevation burger should be your destination. I had the chance to go and enjoy their healthy organic burger from grass-fed cows are raised on free range pastures, are never given antibiotics, and are free of pesticides and other chemicals. Grain-fed cattle eat a diet consisting primarily of corn. This results in beef that is higher in calories and saturated fat. Beef from grass-fed cattle contains fewer calories, has higher levels of healthy Omega 3s and tastes much better than conventionally raised beef.



They serve the organic beef on a nice hot and toasted bun. Not only that, but you have the option of going completely organic and health and substitute your bread with a nice fresh lettuce wrap. You can also add a nice fresh slice of Cheddar cheese and a variety of vegetables. Their vegetables include: tomatoes, lettuce, bell peppers, cucumber, pickles, mushrooms and your choice between caramelized onions and fresh regular onions. I saw how fresh and clean the vegetables are and was happy with the cleanliness of their kitchen and their staff’s hygiene. You can enjoy that with a side of fresh hand cut french fries that are fried to perfection with extra virgin olive oil to ensure that your meal is as healthy as it can be!



After you are done with a nice healthy meal you can treat yourself with a fresh milkshake. You can pay for the basic price of the milkshake and add any flavor you want for free. I tried the Oreo chocolate milkshake and it was very rich with flavor yet as light as the clouds. The flavors vary between Bananas, chocolate, strawberries, peanut butter and many more.



If you prefer having a soft drink then you can help yourself to the bottomless sodas that you can help yourself with. This gives you the option to put the perfect amount of ice to your drink and you can also guarantee that you didn’t spend your money on flavored ice that will soon turn to water.



You can enjoy all of that with a cozy and comfy atmosphere and the friendly staff. The service is great and speedy and the staff is very helpful!