Easy Spring Cleaning

By Chantal Souaid Mchantaf


Seasonal cleaning is essential for the maintenance and well-being of your home. Here’s how you can plan and execute an easy spring cleaning this season.


1. Visit the dry cleaner. Remove all your curtains and your winter bed covers and cushions and send them to the dry cleaner. You can wash them at home if you want to, but it will be a hassle.


2. Visit the carpet cleaners. Send all your carpets and rugs to the carpet cleaners, they will return them clean and well wrapped and you will just need to store them. You can also clean them at home, but again, it will be a hassle.


3. Open all the windows. Start your cleaning by letting air fresh in the house. You want to remove all the dust and bacteria, plus, you do not want the extra dust you are generating to remain in the house.


4. Ventilate all mattresses and pillows. Remove all your mattresses and pillows and put them outside in the sunlight. If possible, ventilate some of the furniture mattresses. Make sure to place them on clean surfaces.


5. Vacuum clean your furniture. If you have the water option in your vacuum cleaner, you can wash all your furniture. If not, just vacuum them and surface clean them with water and detergents.


6. Wash all your windows and doors. Using water and detergents, wash all your windows and doors. Do not forget your sliding door tracks and the balconies.


7. Clean all closets, cabinets and cupboards. Go room by room and empty each closet, cabinet or cupboard, clean it, then store the items back inside in an organized manner.


8. Deep clean the whole house. This includes, but is not limited to, sweeping the floors, vacuuming, removing dust, and mopping.


9. Change batteries. Change the batteries of all your remote controls including security remotes and smoke detectors. Also replace your fire extinguisher.


10. Wardrobe transition. Wash and store away all your winter clothes then replace them with your spring and summer wardrobe.


11. Give away old stuff. As you are doing your wardrobe transition and cleaning closets, cabinets and cupboards, do not forget to give away old and unused things.


12. Return everything to its place. Return your clean curtains, your mattresses and furniture. Place your spring bed covers and decorate!


13. Finally: Maintain your clean house by lightly cleaning it on a daily basis!



A. Replace the shower curtains and rugs in your bathrooms if available in addition to your toilet brushes.

B. Clean the light fixtures, ceilings, and all unseen surfaces.

C. Move all the furniture and clean under and behind them.