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Panasonic supports initiatives promoting World Environment Day mission

Currently, environmental issues are of primary importance throughout the world. In a report issued this January by the World Economic Forum attended by global political and economic leaders, environmental issues are described as one of the world’s greatest risks. Panasonic is pursuing the concept of “A Better Life, A Better World,” meeting the needs of each individual customer, and aims to achieve a sustainable society through solutions based on technology that enables saving, creating, storing, managing energy, and realizing more comfortable lives both in residential and non-residential spaces with minimal energy consumption. Shinichi Wakita, Managing Director, PMMAF, said: “Companies today are required to strengthen their initiatives concerning environmental issues such as global warming, resource depletion, and water shortage. Panasonic strongly believes that in order to ensure better, more convenient, safe and secure lives for the future, it is important to make the best use of limited resources and energy and it is the strong commitment to these goals, which Panasonic promotes through its support to the World Environment Day.


We strive to contribute to developing a sustainable society. As an eco-friendly organization we aim to raise awareness of how important it is to protect the environment for ourselves and the generations to come.” PMMAF is is showing its support for World Environment Day through in-store activities at its newly opened flagship store in Deira Fish Roundabout in Dubai. The store will create awareness among its customers on the importance of environment protection by introducing them to Panasonic’s message for World Environment Day 2015 which calls on collective action to protect natural resources and adopt a sustainable way of life. All customers will receive a recycled bag with the message “Plant for a Better Tomorrow” with a houseplant as a symbol of encouraging green environment values. The activities will be held for one week from June 5th. The store will also highlight Panasonic’s range of eco-friendly products during the week. The flagship showroom houses a range of eco-friendly products that embed Panasonic’s exclusive “ECONAVI” and “Inverter Technology”.


While the products with the “ECONAVI” function automatically detect losses and adjust to conserve electricity and water by itself, the “Inverter Technology” related units actually monitor their own power usage and may contribute to eco-friendly future results. Commenting on the initiatives, Mr Anthony Peter, Director, Corporate Communications & Operations Division, PMMAF added, “We strongly believe little steps made towards environmental awareness can bring about positive changes in the future. “Plant for a better tomorrow” is a small step towards educating our customers and seeking their support in building a sustainable future.” The company is also rolling out its initiatives across the Middle East & Africa region. Its showrooms and shop-in-shops across Kuwait, Syria, Ivory Coast, Mauritius and Madagascar are engaging with customers to spread more awareness about the importance of environment day.