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This classic collection of mascaras have been best-sellers over the past 9 years; therefore Max Factor wanted to take the opportunity to build on its success updating the packaging. The products were given a total make-over to look more premium, sleek and modern while retaining some of their iconic design cues.


The Masterpiece boutique is Max Factor’s 3rd largest mascara franchise but with no promotion over the past 5 years, it has seen a slight decline in sales. Now, the line-up is being restaged with new packaging to bring ‘new news’ and attract new users to the classic family of products while keeping current loyal users. 


Featuring two Masterpiece mascaras, offering women the tools they need to create their own pro make-up look.


Repackaged products:


  • For subtly defined lashes: Masterpiece & Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara

It features the original high-tech IFX brush works to evenly coat individual lashes, defining and separating them to give a striking, professional effect.


  • For bold, sleek lashes: Masterpiece MAX Mascara

A high-impact, volumising mascara featuring with a newer advanced version of the original iFX brush, containing micro channels that hold more mascara versus the original iFX brush, creating bold high volume lashes, yet still remaining smooth and sleek. The new Max Factor Masterpiece Boutique will be available nationwide from June 2015.