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Natuzzi Italia highlights successful participation at Index Exhibition 2015

Natuzzi Italia, one of the world’s most highly sought after furniture brands among consumers of luxury goods, concluded a successful participation at Index,  the largest event for residential and commercial interior design industry across the MENA region.



Producer of quality leather-made furniture for over 56 years, the renowned Italian brand showcased “Natuzzi Re-vive”, the world’s first ‘performance recliner.’ This innovative chair, with its tilting backrest and perfectly aligned footrest, flawlessly synergizes ones body in the chair’s movements, giving the user the seamless transitions, strong support, and ultimate relaxation.  The recliner models, combined with leather or fabric, present various choices from modern shapes, lavish dimensions, and unique relaxation technology, allowing personal expression of style and comfort.



Visitors and exhibitors were delighted to try and experience how the recliner responds to their body weight and movement.



On its 25th year, Natuzzi joined 242 new exhibitors of Index 2015, an avenue that serves as source of the latest design techniques, trends, and innovations, providing business and networking opportunity to retail, residential, and hospitality interiors products and services across the globe.   



Just recently, Natuzzi Italia also launched its fully renovated store, the brand’s largest in the world, with elegant touches, stylish and inviting ambiance, reflecting its contemporary approach to designs. The iconic store was built representing the invariable ingenuity of Mr. Pasquale Natuzzi.



Natuzzi offers a full range of modern stylish furniture and furnishings including sofas, tables, chairs, beds, lighting, storage and accessories providing offering distinct comfort and utmost relaxation.