At La Residence Restaurant & Lounge, classic French Fare meets contemporary haute cuisine at the iconic Raffles Dubai


Michelin-Star Chef Frédéric Vardon has created an authentic French menu, inspired by the luxury brasseries of Paris.



Dishes at La Residence respect the produce seasonality of France whilst offering elegance & modernity in one. Evoking the Gallic spirit, the menu features traditional dishes selected from all over France. These include starters such as Landes Duck Fois Gras, Burgundy Snails and ‘Parisienne’ Style King Crab, as well as main dishes including Farm Fillet of Veal, Beef Tartare and Duck with Turnips. An abundance of seafood is also available including a selection of fresh Oysters, Sea Bass, John Dory and Casier Thermidor’s Blue Lobster.



The multi-faceted venue, restaurant, bar and lounge, aims to attract an eclectic clientele with a taste for great food in a warm and seductive setting.