A Jewelry Line that Sparked a Change – People Helping People Across Oceans

After the 2002 bombings in Bali, Helong and Nyoman were among the hundreds of devastated Bali natives to lose everything. With no place to turn, and in some cases no food to eat or schools to send their children to, their futures appeared bleak. 13 years later, these same Balinese women are thriving artisans and inspirations for the eclectic jewelry collection: Jinja Jewelry. Jinja’s motto is “People Helping People” and by creating jobs for women in Bali and paying for the schooling of a Balinese boy named Putu, Jinja founders, Elaine and Don Helmig and their friend Joy Daniels, are surely living up to this promise.

When world traveling couple Don and Elaine Helmig met the group of future Jinja artisans, they cultivated an inspiring friendship and passion for the island of Bali. Helong and Nyoman were among this group of women the Helmigs would soon call ‘family.’  This was the beginning of a friendship that would birth the Jinja Jewelry line and allow women like Zero to support their families again.

Based across oceans in Arizona, the Helmigs own and operate the Jinja Jewelry collection today and say they feel boundlessly rewarded. The success of this jewelry collection has allowed the Helmigs to send children like Putu to school in Bali. “This is one of the greatest rewards as education is considered a luxury many Balinese children cannot afford. When we learned of this, we knew we had to help make a change,” shares Elaine Helmig, co-founder of Jinja Jewelry. 


“These Balinese women are like family to us. Their home is a second home for us. Their beautiful spirits and this beautiful country have completely inspired the Jinja collection,” adds Elaine. Elaine and her husband Don are inspired by the diverse cultures they encounter in their world travels – but say that no place has inspired them as much as the exotic island of Bali.  “This is now our life purpose; to continue to offer opportunity to the women of Bali and as we grow, pay for more schooling for Balinese children,” shares Don.



Jinja Jewelry is a diverse line of handmade coral and silver jewelry from the terrains of Bali. The collection skillfully blends beautiful, colorful coral (washed up on the beaches of Bali and never taken from the reef), sterling silver, mother of pearl along with a myriad of other semiprecious stones to create its signature series of necklaces, pendants, bracelets, pendants, and rings.


Elaine Helmig and Joy Daniels work closely together to keep on top of fashion trends and employ only the best quality materials. The quality of the pieces directly mirrors the quality of the artisan women who create it. “Each piece of Jinja jewelry is made by hand in Bali; each piece is unique and carries the love and friendship from this magical island,” says Joy Daniels, co-founder of Jinja Jewelry.


Elaine Helmig is proud to offer a large selection of statement jewelry pieces, but is more proud that she is closer to reaching her mission. “My husband and I want to provide more jobs for Balinese woman and help more children attain the education they deserve,” she continues.

Their motto, “People Helping People,” is a motto they work and live by every day. Each accessory sold will change lives in Bali and Jinja hopes to set an example of how anyone can make a difference.


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