All the perfection of a BB cream, with added SUN protection

Garnier’s new High Sun protection in a BB Cream arrives in time for summer!



Summer is just a few degrees away. Once the temperature starts to rise and the sun’s rays get stronger and harsher, you’ll want your skin to be highly protected from the sun, and to look fresh and fabulous at the same time. Now, Garnier brings you a perfect solution with its all-new high protection BB Cream. It gives you the complete safeguard of SPF 50 along with 5-in-1 BB cream benefits so you can face the sun with total confidence. Garnier’s latest BB Cream comes with a high protection formula to let your skin experience the BB effect all through summer, making this yet another innovative Garnier product that combines the latest sun care know-how with beauty, practicality and ease of use. Its advanced UVA-UVB protection gives you the ultimate coverage, defending your skin from harsh sunlight, and immediately acting as an effective all-in-one technology. Enriched with Vitamin E’s powerful skin rejuvenating properties and with mineral pigments, Garnier BB Cream SPF50 lets you get under the sun without a worry about your skin.  That’s what makes it perfect for the Middle East’s weather conditions as well as ideal for the women who live here. It’s no surprise, then, that Garnier’s BB Cream SPF50 gets its heritage from the leading BB cream in the Middle East, Garnier’s original BB Cream Classic.