Meet and feed Ginger the newborn otter at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Z....jpg

Meet and feed ‘Ginger,’ the newborn otter, at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo


Pepper is now the proud mom of Ginger. Just over a month-old, the baby otter is charming visitors to Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, as proud dad Tiny watches over her. Now weighing just over 500 gm, Ginger’s front tooth appeared and she made her first swim.




Pepper was introduced to the Asian Small Clawed Otter exhibit in September 2014 with four males. All the boys started to show courtship behaviour but she immediately hit it off with Tiny, the most playful among the boys. In less than six months, Ginger was born.



Tiny and Pepper now take responsibility of raising the pup. The Dam (mummy) will be nursing – providing milk to the new-born – while the Sire (daddy) bears the responsibility of providing food and protecting the family and their home.