20'000 FEET black 20000 AED.jpg

CX Swiss military watch 20,000 FEET

CX Swiss Military Watch™, leading in innovation and quality precision watch manufacturer has recently unveiled the incredible, world record-breaking 20,000 FEET model across the U.A.E. The 20’000 FEET reaches into a new, hitherto unthinkable dimension of water resistance and is the world’s first and only mechanical diving watch water resistant to an incredible 20’000 feet or 6’000 meters – certified! In reality the watch is water resistant to 7’500 meters or almost 25’000 FEET, reaching the required 25% safety margin.  Guinness Book of Records has awarded this model with the record-breaking title after shattering the old world record of 2008, set by Rolex, by an impressive 50% margin.