Tips for socializing!

1. Greet someone

Make people feel appreciated and at home. You can just simply greet them or shake their hands firmly while looking them in the eyes. Your greeting will be more impactful if it goes genuinely from the heart. You can highlight a person’s skills or clothes.

Make sure your greetings don’t become routine.


2. Engage in dialogue

The best way to communicate with people is to engage in simple conversation. “How are you?” or “What do you think?” can be a good motivator for shy people to start sharing their thoughts. Become the icebreaker that soothes the atmosphere. Make sure to avoid offensive remarks unless the self-defense occasion calls for it. If you have a tendency to monopolize a conversation, people will be less likely to engage in dialogue with you.


3. Undertake

Help people out instead of sitting back. Solicit support when you are in need of help. And, last but not least, volunteer.


4. Seek advice

Ask for advice from your colleagues. First, you might know in which direction you’d head and second, it would show the person you trust them.
This will lead to respect between people.


5. Establish a network

Expand your network in order to exercise your basic social skills.
Volunteer in charity organizations. This will help you improve yourself on both inner and social aspects.


6. Stay positive

People naturally gravitate to those with upbeat personality. Always consider the glass half full. Your answer says a lot about how people perceive you… Still, don’t take advantage of people’s trust. First and foremost, be honest.