Panasonic: Unique Ultra Compact and Wearable Camera HX- A1

Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF) has launched a unique wearable camera which is ultra-compact. Weighing just 45 grams, the camera is so lightweight that it is possible to shoot hands-free even over long periods and also record exciting scenes in full HD. The latest addition to Panasonic’s already unique camera line-up, the HX-A1 offers yet another revolution in capturing scenes like never before.


Sporting a sturdy body, the camera is capable of keeping water and dust out and protects against impact and cold temperatures. Whether the user gets drenched while canoeing and rafting or snowboarding, enjoying desert dune bashing, on a jungle safari, trekking in the forest or  skiing in the freezing cold, the HX-A1 is the ideal choice thanks to its high durability performance. It proves its strength in even the most rugged environments, such as the Adventure Race.