Who is she?

Tinashe Jorgenson Kachingwe, born on February 6th, 1993 is an American singer-songwritermulti-instrumentalistdancer, actress, director, and former model. Her entertainment career started when she was 3 years old, as she began modeling and acting.


How did she get started?

In 2007, Tinashe joined girl group The Stunners, founded by Vitamin C. The group performed “We Got It” on The Today Show, as well as The Wendy Williams Show.  After meeting with various labels, they signed to Universal Republic Records in 2010. After the Stunners officially disbanded, Tinashe began pursuing a solo career. On May 3rd, 2011, Tinashe gave her first televised solo performance during theDodgersCubs game, singing “God Bless America”.On June 24, 2011, Tinashe released her first solo music video, a cover of Lil Wayne‘s single “How to Love.”

Tinashe was featured on the dance single “Artificial People” by OFM, released in 2011. On November 25, 2011 Tinashe released the music video for “Can’t Say No”, her first original solo song. In 2012, Tinashe released two critically acclaimed mixtapes, In Case We Die and Reverie, which she created in her home studio. After the release of the mixtapes, Tinashe signed with RCA Records.


Soaring success

Tinashe released her third mixtape, Black Water, in 2013, and her debut solo album Aquarius, in 2014. Her debut single, “2 On,” was released in 2014. The song peaked at number 1 on the Rhythmic Top 40 for over 4 successive weeks, and stayed at number 24 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming her first Top 40 hit single.


What’s more?

Tinashe had also made her acting debut in the television film Cora Unashamed in 2000. In 2004, Tinashe appeared in box-office hit The Polar Express alongside actor Tom Hanks. From 2008 to 2009, Tinashe had a repetitive role in American sitcom Two and a Half Men as Celeste, Jake’s girlfriend.


In a column on the side

All Hands on Deck lyrics


  All hands on deck
All in front all in the back just like that, like that
I’m a blow your mind take it out on the floor like that, like that
All in the front all in the back just like that, like that
I’m a blow your mind like that

Wasted hard
When you left me, you left me with no choice
I’m looking for a boy to fill this empty void
Kiss the old me goodbye she’s dead and gone, dead and gone, oh
Wasted hard
You took the last bit of love I’ve ever had
You took a good girl and you turned me oh so bad
Kiss the old me goodbye she’s dead and gone, dead and gone, oh

[Hook x2]

Wasted hard
Done this too till death do us apart
I watch you fold like a house of cards
Kiss the old me goodbye she’s dead and gone dead and gone dead and gone
One by one, I watch you fall down, watch you fall like dominoes
Take no prisoners, search and destroy
Baby look at what you’ve done
One by one, I watch ’em go down, watch ’em fall like dominoes
Watch ’em go down, watch ’em go down, watch ’em go down


And you know that I tried
Really gave my all
Everything we built
Baby you let it fall, you let it fall
And now you want me
Want me back now
And the thing that’s so funny
Is baby I’m long gone, I’m long gone