Foods Fooling You!

By Mireille Rizk Corbani


In the presence of the emerging concern over the nutritional value of the foods we’re consuming, the number of misleading food products considering themselves as healthy options have insanely expanded.


Trouble is, the label on the product rarely tells the whole story, and sometimes you’ll need a dietitian standing right next to you every time you shop for food. Simply, some food items are fooling YOU!


Let’s Take A Look At The Common Healthclaim


1. Multigrain

It’s never enough if a product says “multigrain” or “made with whole grains”, those grains could be refined, meaning that the healthiest portions of the grain were taken away, thus the nutritious part have been removed. That’s why when it comes to a healthy shopping, always search for the words “100% whole wheat” or “whole grain”. One more thing, never buy bread by its color! Some darker breads are colored with caramel or molasses and are no healthier than highly refined white breads.


2. No Added Sugar

That sentence never means that the product is low in sugar or sugar-free. Most of the time, the product contain natural sugars. The product could contain natural sugars, such as those found in dairy and fruit, in which case the label should state ‘contains naturally occurring sugars’. These products are often high in fat and/or calories.


3. Fat-Free

Just because it says Fat-Free it doesn’t mean you can eat as much as you want from the product. A simple as it is, if you see anything that says “fat-free” or “low-fat”, you should know that the fat was taken out and replaced by more sugar. That’s why you should always check the label for calorie content, and compare it to the full-fat version.


4. Made With Natural Products

Every time I read this sentence on a food label, I got curious about reading the ingredient of the product, and almost every time I find out that the information is misleading. According to FDA policy, a natural product is labeled so, when it doesn’t contain synthetic or artificial ingredients; however, it may still contain pesticides, genetically modified ingredients, high fructose corn syrup and be heavily processed, which contradicts what many consumers think of as natural.


My Advice To You:

When you do your food shopping, realize that some labels may not be true so base your decision on the ingredients list instead of the labeling.