Hermione’s Best Moments

In honour of Emma Watson’s birthday, here are Hermione’s best moments:

When Hermione gets sorted into Gryffindor, and is adorable about it. 


When Hermione gives Harry a much-needed pep talk.


When Hermione sees the back of her head for the first time.


When Hermione twirled in your dream prom dress. 


When she introduced herself to her future-husband. 


(It wasn’t love at first sight, obviously.)

When she called it like she saw it.


When she wasn’t afraid to show off her smarts in class. 


(For the record, no one ever, EVER should be. Thanks for teaching us that, Hermione.)

When she gave Draco exactly what he deserved. 


When she proved to be a loyal friend, time and time again. 


Anytime she made this face. 


When she kept Harry in line. 


When she looked totally badass on a broom.


When she got hyped about Quidditch. 


When she made crying look good. 


When she did NOT appreciate being the messenger. 


When she found the beauty in rule breaking.


When she realized that boys are ridiculous… 


…And yet, this still happened. 


And, of course, when she was right. About everything. Always.