Fun Fiesta Dubai



Event Description:


Our aim is to bring Dubai community together for a day, to eat, drink, and have fun as one big family and continue to live a healthy lifestyle encouraging them to get involved in physical fitness and healthy eating habit as well as participating in community health initiative to spread awareness from all regions of UAE


The goal of Fun Fiesta Dubai is to bring the event twice a year focusing on different awareness initiative such as Health and fitness, community service, organization causes and education.


Participants will be enlightened, educated, and empowered to make changes in current practices of healthier choices and getting engaged in physical fitness activities in a fun and exciting way.

Kids Attraction

Open for General Public, Kids Attraction encourage and support physical fitness as children participated in various stations of obstacle courses such as basketball jump shots, relay races, inflatable slides, wall climbing, sports inflates, jumping and skipping over objects, and tug of war activities. The children will be able to learn and build teamwork, skill building, social skills, and physical stamina. A live performance and series of programs within the day with an interactive sessions, raffle draws, special performance, magic show, and games.


Health and Fitness activity:

A series of activities in line with health in fitness such as Zumba will be open for the public, with free assessment from fitness specialist. Participants will able to take health and wellness surveys about current practices and changes they would be willing to commit to in order to make for a healthier life style and practices they were able to do.