Leave me in Honolulu…


Shaking hands with the real Hawaii is the chance you get if you fly to Honolulu. A one-of-a-kind experience, away from crowded Waikiki Honolulu is an energetic and animated Polynesian capital, which offers each and everyone a rich mixed media of experiences. Storytellers can find their inspiration there while gazing out to sea… Honolulu is the place where ocean breezes crackle palm trees along the harbor front, while in the cool, in the haze of Ko’olau Range, forested hiking trails offer picture postcard city panoramas. There, dreams have a place to be. There, sunset colors invite you to cool off with a promenade around Magic Island or splash in the ocean at Ala Moana Beach, an exceptional exquisiteness in the middle of the actual jungle. The charms of the night invite you to migrate to Chinatown to get a taste n feel of art and active nightlife.