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Spring- An Extension of Love


Valentine’s Day is over, a lovers’ embrace is overdue, lonely souls might have found their match… and February is behind us… Still, every spring is a new beginning. Every blossom has its charms, every flower has its own colors, and every drop of rainbow is a praise for rain and sun. Embrace this energy and bring life to your home. Settle on nothing less than love, and proclaim your emotions: all in red! A new energy, a creative boost, a warm touch, and a fiery heart…


Trendy Sofas & Armchairs

Interiors, one of the most reputed furniture and furnishing companies in the UAE presents a range of sofas and armchairs from FAMA to decorate your house and set the mood to celebrate love and togetherness. The elegant armchair with wooden side table is suitable to have refreshments while the trendy design sofas and back cushions offer a warm and cosy ambience. Interiors is the sole distributor of the FAMA brand from Spain, known for comfort, durability and style. The luxurious furniture is great for relaxing while watching a game or your favourite TV series, reading a book or just simply spending time with your loved ones.