L’Oréal Paris | Red Lips Redefined


“I want to be different. If everyone is wearing black, I want to be wearing red”

Maria Sharapova 


Color me Red!

The color red may be associated with passion, anger, or love. Recently, however, it has become a symbol of a woman’s power. The modern woman takes on a look that represents the strength of her personality, rather than a follower of dictated-trends. ‘Mind your step’, she says, ‘there’s a new power-player in town.’


L’Oreal Paris- Red Lips Redefined

The season’s biggest beauty news is the huge comeback of the scarlet lip. L’Oréal Paris’s The Pure Reds collection, which was designed with the brand’s celebrities in mind, offers a range of hues in lightweight textures with hydrating effects and rich pigments. Choose from Blake’s ‘Pure Ruby’, Freida’s ‘Pure Amaranthe’, Eva’s ‘Pure Brick’ for romantic to dramatic colors that go from classic to contemporary in luscious, lively shades of berry, brick, ruby, cherry, garnet and more.