Colleagues Participate in Future Centre for Special Needs Sports Day


Centro Capital Centre by Rotana is proud to participate in the Annual Sports Day of the Future Centre for Special Needs. The Centre is a non-profit organization that has been in operation in Abu Dhabi, since September 2000 and has been recognized by the UAE Ministry of Social Affairs. It caters to the development of approximately 200 special needs students aged between 3 and 20 years on an annual basis.

Surrounded by parents, teachers and volunteers, the children are all smiling; clearly excited to finally take part in the event they’ve been looking forward to for weeks. The children participate in a variety of sports activities and games that are designed to help them realize their full potential in self-help, communication and social skills.


Dr. Mowfaq Mustafa, Director of the Future Centre said:  “Future Centre is always thankful to all who express their persistent confidence in our mission for individuals with special needs, which helps our commitment to helping those who need special support to become successful learners and contributors to Abu Dhabi Society.  Sports have always been part of the Future Centre’s programme. Sports help in physical development as well as in the improvement of our students’ social skills. I know everyone had a lot of fun!”


Speaking on the occasion, Ayman Ashor, General Manager of Centro Capital Centre by Rotana said, “Centro Capital Centre colleagues and I were glad to bring smiles to the students of the Future Centre. The empowerment of children with special needs in our community is something that is close to all our hearts and it gave us immense joy to make their day brighter. It was indeed a touching and unforgettable memory to be with them.”

The educational team at the centre were assisted by members of the Colleagues Welfare Committee from Centro Capital Centre; a group of colleagues who are committed to ensuring the well-being of their coworkers, head of departments and the General Manager. The Colleagues Welfare Committee strives to do this through numerous social activities and gatherings conducted throughout the year. After a series of games, the children from the centre and the attendees were all treated to snacks and sweets catered by the hotel.