Which ‘Car’acter Suits You Best?

Carmudi brings you the personalities of the road


Cars in this day and age are no longer just commodities; they are an extension of ourselves. Knowingly or not, we tend to attach certain emotions to certain cars, be it because of the way the grille forms a frown, or the big round headlights look like striking eyes. This emotion is then transferred to the driver stepping out of the car. Carmudi, the online marketplace for buying and selling cars, wants to make sure you step out of the right car for you.


The Dauntless

These are the people that like to drive outside the repetitive white lines of the road. They crave the adrenaline rush and need their daily dose to live. But when life constricts you to a hectic, demanding job and there is a complete lack of free time, where does the thrill come from? This is where the perfect car comes in. Even the highly adventurous can attest to the feeling of excitement that comes from sitting behind the wheel of an all-powerful car. These vehicles make even the most mundane commute thrum with energy. These daring drivers usually go for all-terrain cars that can handle the concrete jungle during the weekdays and the harsh desert dunes during the weekends. The Land Rover Range Rover, starting at AED 349,000, covers all your needs, giving you the power wrapped in a cocoon of luxury.


The Pragmatic

Cars, like any other commodity, are only as valuable as their potential use to the rational consumers among us. They buy vehicles due to a need, and then make sure their cars can do everything that is necessary, not bothering with flashy extras. These vehicles have to be fuel efficient, because who wants to spend half of their hard-earned income on gas. These utilitarian drivers take into consideration space requirements and maintenance costs, not whether they will be able to outrace the car next to them. The Ford Focus is a staple in any number of “Most Practical Cars” lists, scoring excellent points in both safety and space. This common favorite starts at AED 65,000.


The Social Butterfly

These socialites like to flutter from place to place, party to party, and why not, they’ve been invited everywhere! And their car is the most important social tool they could have. Not just a transport system for them and their friends, it is also a symbol. Social butterflies like owning cars that have a personality, that stand out, that can announce their presence before they even step out. These cars also tend to be compact, so as to fit into the tightest parking spot. No one wants to circle the grounds for hours looking for parking space and miss the party! Which vehicle can be considered more iconic, and more fun, than a Volkswagen Beetle? Whether you prefer the classic models, or the newer, sportier trims, you know you’ll be turning heads in a Bug, currently starting at AED 99,900.


The Enthusiast

Now, these are the drivers with a passion for their wheels. Much thought and research goes into a car purchase, and even then, they’re not remotely done. Anyone can just buy a car from a showroom. The enthusiast needs to customize every inch, to make it their own unique brand. These changes can range from paint jobs and decals to the very core mechanics of the car. They stay up-to-date with all the automotive advances, order spare parts from around the world. Their protectiveness over their cars rivals that of a parent over their child. Which might as well be the case, as these cars have been raised from their humble origins with just as much love and attention. Basically any car can serve as the base for your modified dream, as long as you have the patience, money and imagination to put into it. However, one of the crowd favorites is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, starting at AED 61,000.


At Carmudi, we embrace all the unique personalities that visit us on a daily basis. Our user friendly search engine allows you to narrow down your options significantly before you’re even faced with choices, by allowing you to pick cars by brand, body styles or lifestyles.


Visit Carmudi today to experience for yourself how easy and quick it can be to own the perfect car for you.