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Photography Fundamentals for Young Aspiring Photographers


Ammar Al Attar | Photography Fundamentals for Young Aspiring Photographers:

Guided by Ammar Al Attar, an accomplished Emirati photographer who has exhibited across the UAE and internationally, this course is designed for young aspiring photographers. In four sessions, students will have a unique opportunity to learn practical skills under the tutelage of one of the UAE’s most celebrated contemporary photographers.

Via practical exercises, participants will be guided to observe the world around them with a photographer’s eye, and will gain a fundamental grounding in technical skills.

Course Outline:

  1. Technical:

    1. the reason why people take photos

    2. types of cameras

    3. basics of exposure and compositions

    4. tips to enhance your photography and to take good photographs

    5. how to handle photos digitally from downloading to computer to saving to printing

  2. Artistic Tasks | practical and task lead:

    1. Task 1: is to take photos of patterns and shapes. This will allow the participants to look at

      things around them in new, alternative way and to identify interesting shapes and frames

    2. Task 2: shooting colour contrast; this task will help to develop an understanding of colour

      and how to combine colours in photos to make a good, strong composition

    3. Task 3: choose a subject and shoot it from interesting angles. Looking into things from

      unusual, different angles will be developed in this task

    4. Task 4: shooting with tripod

    5. Task 5: shooting without seeing the viewfinder or the screen back; this task is very

      important and is one of the more advanced tasks, enabling the participants to first picture photos in their minds. This task will help participants to think before they shoot.

The above practices will be taught in an interactive way between the teacher and the students. Each student will show the best of each task and there will be motivation for the best photos from the teacher to increase the seriousness in practicing the tasks.

Final Outcomes: students will be able to use the camera more artistically. They will be able to take pictures in most situations whilst being creative at the same time.

General Course Requirements:

  •   any digital camera that has manual control can be used for this course

  •   sufficient memory on their cards

  •   fully charged batteries

  •   tripod


  • Timings and Duration:

    Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday | 4:30 6:30 pm | 4 consecutive sessions | total 8 hours

    Fee: 900 AED | Age Category: 10 15 years

    For registration, please contact: | Tel: +971 (0) 4 341 4777 |