Alfred Basbous Bronze Collection to be exhibited at the ARTSPACE Gallery


Around 20 sculptures from the collection to be offered from 1st to 5th March 2015


ARTSPACE Gallery is pleased to announce Alfred BASBOUS’s solo exhibition in Dubai, from March 1 to 5, 2015. Organized in collaboration with Basbous Foundation, the exhibition will present 20 artworks from the master.


Basbous sculpted voluptuous and feminine forms which are unusually modern for their time. His work glorifies women in all stages of life: single or coupled, from birth to motherhood. In a pure and modern style, this exhibition will present Alfred Basbous Bronze master pieces.


The curator, Fadi Alfred Basbous stated: “In 1998, we showcased the creations of Alfred Basbous at Abu Dhabi Cultural Center drawing an overwhelming crowd to celebrate the artist exceptional talent. Fifteen years later in 2013 we held the first show of the bronze collection in Abu Dhabi (MCBC) and in 2014 in Dubai DIFC. This significant success will definitely be revived this year thanks to the genuine and passionate support of the ARTSPACE gallery owners and team.”


“Alfred Basbous believes that the aim of art is to discover the shape; therefore he must overcome thought and imaging to detect the shape up to the ultimate expression. He refuses to give attention to direct expression and in the best conditions, he rejects the external movement. He believes that his role is not in finding solutions and answering questions but in presenting these issues and asking new questions or even raising old questions in a new language,” said C.N, a historian.

For more information about the artist, please contact ARTSPACE at 04 323 0820 or send email to