13th Dubai Jazz Festival takes off

It was nothing less than brilliant. The opening night of this year’s Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival lived up to the hype and excitement surrounding it.

Christina Perri made her appearance at 8.59 with a slow ballad sitting behind her keyboard performing “Jar of Hearts” as the audience warmed up for what is said to be “an incredible three day musical extravaganza”; The Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival has grown since its humble beginnings from the Dubai Media City venue where it was started 13 years ago. In a white long sleeved shirt and a short black skirt she dazzled the crowd with her  performance that showcased her velvet voice and musical talent with a wide variety of musical instruments. Perri stayed on stage for an hour with a mix of fast moving, toe-tapping hits ending the energy-packed performance with her latest hit ‘Human’. 

Blunt landed at 22.30 on the dot with the soul searching “Face the Sun” lifting off his fans and setting the stage for what was yet to follow. Wearing a pair of jeans and a grey T-Shirt he blended effortessly with Dubai’s concert going crowd who feasted on Blunt’s greatest hits for more than an hour. Hardly ever leaving his favourite piano, on his chair or his feet – and that only to grab his favourite guitar – he blended rythm and melody in a truly seamless performance made to create memories under Dubai’s starlit sky.


With an athletic agility matching the extreme highs and lows of his voice, Blunt’s all round performance thrilled as he performed a rich array of his repertoire in front of a digital backdrop of frequently ‘moonlight world tour’ changing visual special effects.


The headline sponsor’s ‘ ‘Let Us Entertain You’ branding on either side of the massive DMC amphitheatte stage couldn’t have been more telling as it took off the 10,000 strong audience through a night of high quality sound and sights from some of the world’s most popular contemporary artists. And the fun has just begun as it continues for two more days featuring legendary Sting on Thursday night and John Legend on Friday.