“Bal Masqué” by Suzi Nassif

Authentique Art & Design gallery proudly presents to you: “Bal Masque” by Suzi Nassif. Opening on Wednesday, February 17th, Bal Masque is a series of striking paintings which leaves its audience inquisitive, curious and wanting for more.


Each piece is a bold mix of styles, colors, composition and texture, while using different mediums to achieve its individual look. The collection has a way of portraying everyday moods of beauty, sadness, bravery and other feelings, which are very easy to relate to. While looking at each piece, one cannot help but think deeper as to what it is really about. Truly, these paintings are so much more that what meets the eye. It is exciting to discover the underlying meaning of each artwork. Join us on its opening night and get a chance to meet the talented, Suzi Nassif.


About The Artist:

Suzi Nassif was born and raised in Batroun, north of Lebanon. Ever since she was young, she always had a passion for the arts. Her notebooks were filled with doodles, sketches, artistic fonts and vivid colors. She now currently resides in the UAE and continues to satisfy this passion. She is mainly a self-taught artist but also took various courses in photography and graphic design. In her works, she loves to mix different mediums, allowing her to explore into new areas of painting style. Art has been, and continues to be her main outlet for feelings. She is deeply attracted with the effects of colors, textures and the emotional echo to strong composition and design. Finding beauty in everything, Suzi’s eyes and mind have become accustomed to admiring and analyzing details, colors and textures.


Suzi finds inspiration in the saying “Painting is a blind man’s profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen.”



About Authentique Art & Design Gallery:

Authentique Art & Design is an Art gallery based in Dubai, representing 12 French artists who all have their workshops in France. All art pieces are handmade, signed, unique or stated as a very limited edition, made in France. This collaboration with Suzi Nassif will allow the local community to discover our French Art pieces and design. We use our gallery as a platform to bridge art enthusiasts in the UAE with international French artists. We aim to cultivate an environment for artists and art lovers to be able to strengthen the cultural relationship between the UAE and France.