Madonna rebels with Yeprem Jewelry


When Pop Legend Madonna appeared on the red carpet at the 57th Grammy awards, she surely grabbed everyone’s attention and made a bold statement of uniqueness, wearing a shiny mind-blowing ring cuff designed by Yeprem jewelry. 


Yeprem has been around since 1964. Looking at jewelry and the body that wears it in a new and different approach, Yeprem has been creating jewelry pieces that not only add beauty and character to the female body, but also serve it as an extension through fluid diamonds that sit on the neck, wrist or ear, to highlight the daring and unique personality of each woman who wears them. 


And who is more daring and rebellious than Madonna in the music industry? 


After the ceremony ended, the pop Icon was seen once again, wearing Yeprem earrings, a ring cuff and “Rebel Heart” hand piece especially customized for her. Inspired from Madonna’s new album artwork by the same name, depicting black ropes wrapped around the artist’s face, the jewelry piece was made out of oxidized black gold, decked with black diamonds and mixed with Marquise cuts. A rebellious approach on jewelry, a signature Yeprem has been known for so far, the piece looked as a part of Madonna’s hand, moving smoothly and elegantly with her body. 


We can say with confidence that Yeprem has created once again jewelry that redefines the industry.