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Paintings by Shaima Othman Al Ali- Doodle Art

Works by Fatima Al Amiri


The artworks of children and young people that were recently on display at the fourth edition of the Sharjah Children Biennial have revealed two new Emirati talents in the art forms of doodling, graffiti, and doll making.


Organized by the Department of Sharjah Children Centres in collaboration with the Sharjah Museums Department (SMD), at the Children’s Center in Mughayder, the biennial kicked off on December 9th, 2014, and will continue until February 9th, 2015.


The UAE’s participation is the largest ever in the biennial, which was held between 9 29 December at the Sharjah Art Museum, before moving to the Mughaydar Children’s Centre. The UAE is participating with 428 works from among 550 works created by children and young people aged 6-12 years from 11 Arab and non-Arab countries,..


Among the Emirati works is a painting by Shaima Othman Al Ali, a female student at Wasit Model School, whose creative work shows a great example of doodle art. One of the most complicated forms contemporary art, doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes.


The doodles created by the little talented artist reveal a style similar to that of the famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. Her doodles, the largest of which is painted in black and white and features shapes and faces intermingled with each other. Shaima’s creative painting truly deserves to be placed among the most important exhibitions in the world.


Another collection of paintings created by Shaima shows her graffiti inspiration, clearly manifested in her artworks, which come this time in color. Her graffiti depict bicuspid, sulky, or scary characters, whose comic-esque appearance could easily draw the attention of major international publishers with the aim of turning them into a series of printed stories for children and young people, or perhaps into an animated series that can attract all family members. Not far from Shaima’s works in the same hall, visitors can view a wall decorated with 15 small paintings created by Fatima Faraj Al Amiri, a nineyear- old Emirati girl. Each painting features a doll made from materials available in her family’s house. Fatima used different materials in making her dolls, including fabric, paper, cotton, cork, buttons, wooden sticks, and wool, from among other materials that can be easily found anywhere. These imaginative artworks clearly demonstrate how most of the waste materials created by clothing manufactures and paper factories can be turned exquisite works of art.


In her efforts to increase the attractiveness of her dolls, the small artist Fatima Al Amiri has put each doll in a white frame, with a background made of cardboard, in a range of attractive colours, such as blue, orange, green, white, pink, and purple.


She opted to make funny, smiling, and friendly looking dolls, each of whom has a lot of artistic details that at times reflect childhood innocence, yet also are great examples of her artistic ability.


The Sharjah Children Biennial is the first-of-its-kind event dedicated exclusively to children in the UAE and the Gulf region. The biennial has expanded to take on a global facet, attracting creative works and positioning itself as a leading event committed to supporting children’s artistic skills and upgrading these skills towards higher levels of pioneering and creativity.