How to Have a Relaxing Day at Home


By Chantal Souaid Mchantaf


Having a relaxing day can be very easy for some people, yet very hard for others; this depends on your personality, lifestyle and personal responsibility and obligations. If you come to think of it, having a relaxing day can be easy if you intend on making it relaxing.


Here are a few simple tips to help you relax at home:


1. Choose a day in the weekend or a day off:

– Having a relaxing day needs to be away from the stress of work, away from the traffic, and preferably at home.



2. Plan your day ahead of time:

– What might be relaxing for you might not be for others. Think of a few things that you would like to do.



3. Wake up at your convenience

– There is nothing relaxing about waking up to the sound of the alarm, so wake up at your convenience.



4. Take a nice, warm bath

– Warm water will loosen your muscles and will refresh you. So start your day with a relaxing warm bath.



5. Wear something comfortable

– A tight tie isn’t relaxing at all, so wear something comfortable.



6. Eat something healthy

– Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and fibers. When you eat fresh fruits and vegetables your mood will be boosted, and you will feel more at ease. Eating junk food or smoking will agitate you, so try not to consume these on this specific day.



7. Listen to nice music

– Nice music will help you relax; put some nice calm music in the background.



8. Watch a DVD

– Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, watching a DVD might be relaxing for you. Make sure to choose a relaxing, and carefree movie.



9. Sleep after lunch

– Sleeping after lunch is a luxury that working people do not have. In order to have a relaxing day, why don’t you sleep after lunch?



10. Don’t talk to anyone

– Try to go on a silent treatment; it will help you forget life around you.



11. Exercise or practice a sport

– It has been proven that moving around and exercising aids your blood circulation, boosts energy level and moral, and makes you healthier. Try to exercise a bit and see how energized you will be.



12. Disconnect

– Try not to check your emails and if possible turn off the Internet from your phone so you do not worry about the outside world.



13. Relax, sit back, and enjoy!