Mini Cooper



The New Mini


Available Spring 2014


It’s faster, includes more efficient technology, and is even more fun to drive. Powered by a vigorous Mini Twin Power turbo in every model and stocked with features usually reserved for high-end luxury cars, it’s the newest Mini, loaded with our world-famous feistiness.


Built to take a punch, engineered to avoid one.


Cooper S

The Cooper Hardtop is on a healthy diet of automotive steroids with another turbocharged cylinder, the thrill of Performance Control, and standard 16” wheels.


Twin Power Turbo Engines

Every model in the new Hardtop’s lineup comes with a cutting edge Mini Twin Power Turbo that leverages the renowned performance engineering and development expertise of the BMW Group. By supplying immediate torque that holds steady throughout the engine’s power curve, the new Mini Cooper Hardtop goes zero to sixty 2.3 seconds quicker than its predecessor, giving this new breed of Bulldog a whole lot of bite.


Mini Connected

What’s that big LCD screen in the heart of your dash? It’s really just an intuitive window to all your favorite stuff. Bluetooth pair your iPhone or Android device with ease, email directions straight to your optional MINI Connected system, update your Facebook and Twitter status, or just play your favorite tunes, web radio, and Pandora stations through a gorgeous, silky smooth interface.


Mini Touch Controller

The Mini Touch Controller puts the power of your Mini’s entire arsenal of technology right at your fingertips. Use the simple buttons, or just write a couple of letters with your finger on the touchpad to, say, enter a destination or play a tune.


Dual Stage, 8 Airbag System

We’ve managed to pack eight airbags into every Mini Hardtop, surrounding you by safety on all sides. Two airbags placed in the front, on the side, near the knee area, and on the ceiling constantly monitor driver and passenger positions, seatbelt use and impact severity – and then determine airbag inflation rates accordingly.


Rigid Body

Thanks to its high-strength steel front end and side panels, the rigid body of all Minis reduces body torque, freeing the suspension to do what it does best – provide super-tight handling. A flex-free frame also reduces squeaks, rattles, vibrations and cabin noise. The rigid body can also withstand great forces, which means an increased margin of protection in the event of a crash.


Abs and Electronic Brake Distribution

With the latest generation of 4-sensor, anti-lock brakes, a Mini helps you stop on a dime while remaining in complete control. Mini also comes standard with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) to automatically distribute brake force to different wheels depending on your MINI’s current load and balance.




Toggle Ignition

After half a century of rally racing, the manufacturers developed a not-so-subtle Pavlovian response to toggle switches. Just seeing one (let along flipping it) could boost your adrenaline and get you in the mood to motor. So in the Mini Hardtop, you’ll find your famous toggles now being used for an almost impossible to resist start/stop switch. Just step on the brake, flip the glowing red toggle, and satisfy your primal motoring urges.


Dynamic Lighting

Your Mini is prepared to be an extension of whatever motoring mood you happen to be in, with customizable ambient lighting and a sleek LED light ring in the dash that changes color in response to your engine speed, driving mode, audio volume, climate control, or interior lighting.


Sculpted Body

With the same short overhangs and bulldog stance that made Mini famous, but paired with a sleeker profile and more muscular body, the Mini Hardtop still makes being little kind of a big deal. When compared to previous models, this pintsized powerhouse is really only bigger where it counts – in the cockpit – for even more interior leg, shoulder, and cargo room.