Rae Morris

I’ve always liked to visualize things in circular patterns in my mind. A full circle journey, a complete tale and a finished story. I see my album as a coming-of-age tale, from start to finish, from then to now. I guess it’s a series of diary entries documenting these important years of growing up and learning. I’m not trying to be cryptic. It’s really simple. That’s just how I see it. I’m just being completely myself. “


Rae Morris made her debut on the BBC Introducing stage at the Reading & Leeds festival back in 2011. Since then, she has been crafting her art into authentic performances and collaborating with many artists such as Bombay Bicycle Club. Rae is gone from strength to strength throughout her learning process. From writing songs alone in her bedroom to working alongside talented musicians and producers, Rae’s learning curve is a challenge in itself. She made her differentiating strike, making a name of her own with ‘Cold,’ ‘Closer,’ and ‘Under the Shadows,’ all singles featured in her debut album ‘Unguarded,’ a coming of age tale that documents the lesson she has learned.


Close up on Unguarded

Unguarded (with production by Ariel Rechtshaid, Jim Eliot and Fryars), features instants of life, bits and pieces of relationships, dignified love, and endless questions… What describes the album best would be ‘authenticity.’ It feels like in each and every song, Rae Morris discloses a little inner part of herself. Her songs contain double-entrendres. They’re in between two worlds; Rae’s relationships, as about her relationship with herself and her bare not to say therapeutic recording process.



Where ‘Skin’ details the guilt of continuing a toxic love affair, ‘Closer’ is about being far from her family but more appreciative of her own identity, and ‘Love Again’ could be about getting back on the horse. ‘Do You Even Know,’ written back in her shed in Blackpool, is an open letter to someone who didn’t really get what she really wants. It is a song about challenging fear and moving forward on the road of the artist she wants to be.