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The Body Shop Launches Limited Edition Floral Body Care Range & Spicy New Fragrance Range

The Body Shop’s new Limited Edition body care and fragrance range draws inspiration from flowers and hot spices.

The New Floral Body Care Collection has a captivating scent, blending spices, florals and heavy woods. The careful balance of ingredients delivers a warm scent to envelop the senses. The range includes an Eau de Toilette and a shower gel containing honey (sourced through the Community Fair Trade from Ethiopia) that leaves the skin soft and supple. The body lotion offers veil-light moisturisation, while the body butter has a rich luxurious texture to lock in moisture, leaving skin moisturised for 24 hours.


As an addition to the brand’s wide make-up ranges, The Body Shop has created its first Lip and Cheeks Velvet Sticks that add a colour boost to your beauty, giving it a naturally flushed glow. Available in five “must-have” colours, the velvety maxi-tip literally caresses the lips and cheeks. The Lip & Cheek universal shade is a “must-try” from all The Body Shop fans. The transforming Lip & Cheek stick adapts to the unique pH of your skin, and the special formula means the final colour will vary from individual to individual, giving a unique, customised shade.


At the same time, the brand has extended the Spicy Red Musk collection by offering customers the opportunity to purchase seven additional formats and sizes. This extension to the range allows customer to layer the fragrance or opt for a fresher and crisper alternative through the Eau de Toilette format. The Red Musk collection, with its smouldering blend of spiced musk with hot notes of pepper, cinnamon and tobacco, now includes three different sizes of Eau de Toilette and three sizes of Eau de Parfum in addition to the lotion, shower gel, perfume oil and body mist.


The Body Shop is creating the ultimate full-body experience. It also offers personalised friendly advice and free makeovers.