Discover LPG’s New Slimming Innovations With The ‘Targeted’ Express Treatments

15 minutes for a flat and firm stomach!


French beauty brand LPG understands that women would take extra care and attention to look more beautiful and be at their best. A slimmer and well-contoured physique with a flat and firm tummy is mostly the aim of ladies especially right after gaining a few pounds during the festive holidays.

Ludovic Loffreda, CEO of LPG Bella Concept said: ” At LPG, we are constantly developing innovative body slimming treatments for women who deserve to look and feel good about their bodies. With our latest 15-minute LPG Lipomassage treatments, we guarantee fast and long-lasting results.  Our 100% natural treatments effectively work to remove stubborn fat revealing a healthy and fit frame that will surely delight you.”

In addition to genetic factors, a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle also account for abdominal fat storage.


To efficiently treat this area, an initial assessment is fundamental, in particular to determine the nature of the bulges: are they caused by skin slackening or by fat storage?


Skin expert for nearly 30 years, LPG® offers 100% natural and painless slimming treatments that increase diet-and-exercise-resistant natural fat release by 70%*. To release stomach-fat, the unsightly bulge under your belly button, love handles, and to resculpt and firm skin, 2 new 15-minute treatments are entirely dedicated to the stomach:


The Stomach slimming treatment enables stubborn fat release.

Within 15 minutes, different settings of the patented      Cellu M6® treatment head help release localized fat to then resculpt and firm your skin.


The Stomach firming treatment focuses on skin firming. It is ideal after a diet or if you want to redensify sagging skin… The perfect post-baby, post-diet or post-liposuction treatment…





The Stomach treatments are part of the new “Targeted” Lipomassage treatment menu: 28 protocols that can be combined together for customized, quick and visible fat release results from the 6th session, and firmness results from the 12th session.

Targeted treatments: 15 minutes

Classic Android Lipomassage treatment: 35 minutes




Book your treatment now at any of the LPG-accredited beauty salons and surprise yourself with your new body.