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Paris Belle Epoque


Spring Trend 2014


Forecast as one of the key colors for Spring-Summer 2014, blue dominates the color palette for Bourjois’ new season’s collections. Whether combined with delicate monochromes or with whites and pinks, it conjures up a romantic atmosphere celebrated by the impressionists in Paris of the Belle Epoque. It is the return of soft lighting, changing reflections in the sky and water, and poetic refined gardens where elegant women stroll in their beautiful pastel dresses!


Fast forward to 2014 and beautiful women have evolved! Parasols have disappeared but hats are experiencing a come-back!


Make-up is bolder and if Parisians adopt the fresh and sweet harmonies of the Belle Epoque, they tend to give it a “twist” for a more modern take!  For them, Bourjois has devised ever more subtle and practical products to create a range of effects.


The Look


Between sky and water


The eyelids are dressed in white, blue, and green pastels, applied as watercolors and modernized by subtly diluted graphic effects. This contrasting and blending is made possible by the use of

– 2 new little round pots, with their delicate, brightening and blending qualities recognized since 1863,

2 eyeliner pencils in intense and vibrant shades,

– 1 artist’s tool, the professional double-ended applicator


Tips ‘n Tricks by Bourjois


Spring smoky techniques adopt an Impressionist style: glazes and solids!


Two eye shadow palettes, like watercolor shades, can be overlaid as a glaze. If moistened, they will increase their intensity and depth further. This spring’s impressionist smoky is also applied by combining contrasting textures: dry eye shadow pencils and oily crayons. Overlaying textures and structuring increases the magnetism of the eyes.