Heinz Beck & Todd English Two acclaimed chef’s presenting valuable insight at GRIF 2015.jpg

Heinz Beck & Todd English:

Two acclaimed chef’s presenting valuable insight at GRIF 2015

The Global Restaurant Investment Forum (GRIF) will showcase restaurant concepts from around the world.  This dynamic event has been developed to provide valuable insight into the restaurant industry for investors and to showcase the hottest new restaurant trends globally.   This year, GRIF continues to surpass expectation with its high calibre line up of expert speakers including two of the world’s most esteemed chefs: Heinz Beck and Todd English.

Chef Heinz Beck is widely known as one of the most notable “Masters” of gastronomy. His unique interpretation of the “modern” kitchen uses a selection of ingredients to create truly innovative flavours and culinary concepts which distinguish his talent as a globally acclaimed chef.  He will be addressing the Global Restaurant Investment Forum (GRIF), detailing what he looks for when assessing a potential partner and discussing how you can maintain quality whilst expanding your presence internationally.  “The Hospitality and Restaurant industry is nowadays the fastest growing industry and promises great investment potential” says Chef Beck,  “it’s exciting as you have the possibility to share your cuisine philosophy, your passion for food and it’s a great satisfaction when guests appreciate and reward your job.”

Chef Todd English is one of the most decorated, respected, and charismatic chefs in the world.  He has been recognized by several of the food industry’s most prestigious publications, established one of the best-known restaurant brands in the nation, published four critically acclaimed cookbooks, and is a frequent guest on TV cookery shows.   He will be sharing what the key components are to structuring an agreement with investors and revealing what the ‘must have’ ingredients are to make the relationship and the product work.  English was keen to participate in the Global Restaurant Investment Forum because, “conferences like GRIF are so important for the industry, it brings together all the right people to drive future growth and development (Operators, financiers, developers, etc.) and gives way to global ideas for local investment”.

English feels food is the ultimate democracy, despite various turbulences around the world, food remains a constant.  “Restaurants are the social epicenter of our culture – the new living rooms of society-for many different occasions (business, social, leisure, romantic, etc.); they have also become more entertainment driven and intertwined in our lives” said English, when asked why investing in restaurants is so exciting and rewarding at the moment.  

To conclude, The Global Restaurant Investment Forum (GRIF) is establishing itself as the must-attend event for organisations and individuals involved in restaurant investment, development and expansion.  GRIF will tackle issues such as agreements between franchisors and franchisees, restaurant design, making hotels dining destinations, and gaining market share through social media.  This three day event will provide valuable networking opportunities and industry insights, and allow attendees to return to the work place with practical knowledge to apply to their business.