BÆNDIT : Modular and bendable

Re-invent your relationship with eyewear  


Whether you are style savvy, a trendy hipster or simply love eyewear that suits your lifestyle, look no further – BÆNDIT eyewear is the answer to every accessory question, designed to adapt to your lifestyle. Starting January 12 2015, people can buy their own pair of BÆNDIT’s through popular crowdfunding website INDIEGOGO, while BÆNDIT raises money for further production. Want to be a part of the dream? Head on over to the campaign at and help us turn our dream to a successful reality.


More about the MODULAR


All BÆNDIT pieces are interchangeable. Swap the color, borrow or trade from your own stash of BÆNDIT attachables and create the tone & shape desired. Picture this: Bend or take your glasses apart so they fit in your pocket. Wear around your wrist, or anywhere. BÆNDIT’s are coated with a silicon layer, which assures ultra tight and strong fit of the temples and bridge inside the reinforced Polycarbonate eye frame.




A core of specifically engineered alloy and an ultra resilient silicon structure allow BÆNDIT to flex and hold any position. This allows you to find your best fit, tighten them when playing sports, or wrap them around your hair/wrist/neck while you aren’t wearing them, or fold the temples over the lens to protect them when you throw them into your bag. For the first time you will be able to turn your glasses into a ball shape and bounce them around. What did we just say? In simple terms, BÆNDIT has NO HINGES.




Wear them loose and comfortable until you need to kick it up a notch. Kite surfing, beach volleyball, canoeing or kayaking, just press your BÆNDIT’s tight to your face and you are ready for action, BÆNDIT sunglasses will adapt to you and how you need them to be.


Named after the most famous Bandits, we are proud to introduce the NED KELLY and SALVATORE GIULIANO models Edward “Ned” Kelly was seen as the Australian equivalent of Robin Hood. Born in 1854 he became a Bushranger at the age of 14 after the police killed his father.


He was eventually captured and hanged after a violent confrontation with police where he wore a homemade bendable metal plate armour and helmet. BÆNDIT, in this shape, reflects the roughness of Australia’s early pioneering bush-life and Kelly`s innovative inventiveness.


Salvatore Giuliani was the original Italian, the “peoples bandit”. Giuliani was the first bandit to be followed by mass media, mainly for his daring good looks and theatrical flair. This notoriety caused great embarrassment to the Italian police that had 2000 men deployed against him. BÆNDIT in this edition commemorates Giuliani’s style and charm, even in the hardest of circumstances.