By Marie-Christine Tayah


It was a totally enjoyable moment being on board with LPG on a press trip to the south of France. The excitement started at Dubai International airport, and continued all along the way to Nice! Once there, we were warmly welcomed by the LPG team, and we got the chance to benefit from an LPG express treatment, while listening to LPG experts’ advices and tips. A so-relaxing way to kick off the trip. Fancy dinners and elegant restaurants were at the rendezvous, while we had the chance to simply… breathe! France’s pure air, in the midst of cultural corners, such as Picasso museum enchanted us all.


During this one-of-a-kind pampering journey, we were privileged to visit LPG’s offices and headquarters, where we enjoyed an interactive conference about the LPG techniques and products. ‘We do not pretend we are the best, we leave it up to the customer to decide… but we do claim we are unique.’


The LPG systems were created in 1896 in Valence. That was the birth of endermologie treatments. In 1998, LPG got the FDA approval. At the time being, LPG witnesses 200,000 treatments daily around the world with 50,000 machines. LPG is far from only being a beauty technique. It is supported by 128 scientific studies, and 76 publications to date, including 30 referenced on Medline. LPG attests that it is made of 100% natural treatments, non-invasive, non-aggressive, and in synchronization with the needs of women nowadays. ‘We value the link between health and beauty.’ Efficacy and safety come first.


Moreover, LPG is a ‘human-friendly’ technique; ‘why should we accept for the human body what we no longer allow for the planet?’ Our experience in Sophia-Antipolis, Nice, Cannes, will forever be engraved in our memories, be it thanks to our LPG team hosts’ friendliness and warm welcome and hospitality, or to the natural magnificence of France, its sea, trees, small authentic streets, and majestic touristic areas. LPG’s statement sums it all up: ‘BEAUTY DOESN’T LIE.’



LPG collaborates with Guerlain for signature spa offerings at Cheval Blanc Courchevel in the French Alps


French beauty brand LPG which offers anti-ageing and body-contouring treatments has teamed up with Guerlain for a new signature ‘Lift & Firm’ treatment, especially designed for the prestigious guests of Cheval Blanc in Courchevel, a luxury resort in the French Alps. A sure best-seller for the upcoming winter season, it will provide the high-end resort’s esteemed clients the latest anti-aging spa technologies. LPG’s 100 per cent natural, non-aggressive and non-invasive techniques deliver effective and scientifically proven results for both men and women.