By Mireille Rizk Corbani



What’s better than a cup of tea when it comes to a cold weather? The answer is neat and simple: it is the infusion of flowers, leaves, roots, berries, and seeds from edible plants, with natural healing qualities.


Tisanes describe perfectly the Herbal, floral and fruit teas. The question is: “What’s the secret behind the healing qualities of Tisanes?”



well , Let ’s start !

For those who are caffeine-sensitive, tisane is the ideal choice. Tisanes are known for being free of caffeine, unlike true teas that contain varying amounts of caffeine. Still, don’t always assume that a tisane has no caffeine just because it’s made out of herbs. Some tisanes do contain the same amount of caffeine present in tea such as the famous Yerba Mate. When we drink tisanes, our bodies receive the very best medicinal benefits. Some herbal teas, are made for specific purposes, it won’t only be a healer for our health, but also for the way we feel physically and mentally. I can really say that tisanes work on the mind, body and soul. Some herbal teas work as an effective diuretics such as Dandelion Tea, others are used as a stress relief.


Not only that!

Scientific formulations were studied in order to bring the best out of these drinks; those formulations combined herbs to promote health benefits like relieving PMS symptoms, reducing digestive discomfort and consequently promoting a better bowel movements. Some tisanes were also used as disinfectants once cooled and used topically.


Any concerns?

Yes! Tisanes can be too dangerous if not well used. Some herbs may interact negatively with medicines, some might cause negative health effects such as stimulating uterine contraction for pregnant women. That’s why always read well before any usage and refer to a specialist herbalist. To close, I would like to tell you that everything we put on the inside, shows on the outside. When you choose your drinks, choose wise! As simple as it is, one daily cup can bring balance back into your lifestyle!


Enjoy 🙂