Too dull home? You can transform this season with a bit of inspiration. Small, yet stylish designs and item can change the way your home looks and give you a booster for the upcoming days! How to move forward? Simply bring your style to life with your home decoration. How to do it? Accessorize it!


Flesh out your home look with home decor. By adding a few pieces here and there, you can create a warm, friendly and look that captures your personality. It’s also easy to refresh your style season to season or year to year simply by changing out a few pieces.


When choosing your home decorations, try to stick to a general style theme and color palette. This way, you can pick pieces of different shapes, textures, size and design while maintaining a cohesive feel. Create coziness without luxurious restorations by using home accessories like room dividers and fireplaces.



Western Furniture LLC, the premier retailer of upscale home furniture in the UAE, presents a collection of Italian-made home accessories that are essentially elegant, distinct in character, and produced with enduring craftsmanship. These perfect gifts for the holiday season meet a unique fashion-oriented lifestyle that is not only eye-catching but also functional. They are sure to bring festive cheer to your home all year round.