Panasonic launches sleek 3-in-1 juicer blender and grinder providing maximum extraction

Tapping into the juicing and smoothie trend, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF) has introduced a perfect must-have equipment for every kitchen- the 3-in-1, made in Malaysia juicer blender, MJ-DJ31, providing users with convenient and quick juicing, blending and even grinding options in one single product. Its sleek look with stainless steel body and black and silver colour blends in perfectly with any kitchen design.


This 3-in-1 blender is a high-performing machine with a juicing and blending power of 800 W.


The capacity of juicer jug is 1.5 Litres which can be attached to the juicers spout for easy collection of juice and easy pouring too. Blender jug is made of glass and has capacity of 1 litre and small dry grinding mill also made of glass can be used for grinding spices quickly and easily.  The in-built 120 degree swivel spout allows the user to fill juice directly in multiple glasses (about 5-6 glasses) by simply turning the spout as each glass is filled. With this easy pouring technique, the results are less juggling of glasses, less mess and hassle free enjoyment of healthy juice.


The full metal spinner holds fruits firmly in place to keep it from turning and combined with the low angle cutter results in more effective juice extraction. Moreover, the large feeding tube of the blender is 75mm, big enough to fit an entire apple and hence would not require chopping down of any items. The unique full metal spinner gets every last squeeze out of the ingredients while still being much durable, strong, long lasting and simple to clean.


Mr Kei Taniguchi, Director, Division Head, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa brought out the various aspects of convenience in the MJ-DJ31 saying, “Juicing and blending of smoothies at home is a growing trend and our new 3-in-1 juicer, blender and grinder is designed to provide maximum level of ease to users. The 120 degree rotating spout is the most useful feature which eradicates the chances of mess in the kitchen and easy extraction of the juice from the machine into glasses without any lifting or movement. Furthermore you do not have to chop your items into smaller pieces as the feeding tube is big enough while the full metal spinner assures that every last drop of juice has been extracted from your items.”


The MJ-DJ31 provides households with optimum convenience. It is priced at AED599 with an AED100 gift voucher. This model is exclusive for all Carrefour outlets and currently available for purchase.