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Al Bustan Center & Residence welcomes New Year with ‘Together We Care’ campaign

Employees participate in the clean-up activity for staff accommodation


With the theme ‘Together we Care’, Al Bustan Centre and Residence recently held a clean-up activity to upgrade and improve the surroundings of the hotel staff accommodation in Sonapur, Dubai.


More than half of the hotel employees actively participated in the week-long activity which included cleaning the entire compound, trimming the tree branches that pose potential damage to properties, and re-painting of the staff accommodation.


Moussa El Hayek, Chief Operating Officer of Al Bustan Centre and Residence, said:  “This was a fitting activity to welcome the New Year. We would like to ensure that our staff live in a conducive environment and that they comply with health and safety regulations. Keeping the environment clean is one of our fundamental corporate responsibilities and a value governing all our activities.”


“I would like to commend the staff for their support to the campaign and their eagerness to participate in activities that greatly benefit them. We believe in creating a healthy environment and we are committed to delivering the best services, so we start by making sure our staff are healthy and happy with their surroundings,” added Mr. El Hayek.


Under its Responsible Awareness Program, CSR (corporate social responsibility) is one of the core commitments of Al Bustan Centre & Residence. Over the years, the property has been actively involved in various activities that touch people’s lives and bring about positive change to the community.


Al Bustan Centre & Residence is one of the most well known and popular hospitality destinations in Dubai. The property is known for creating ‘a home away from home’ for its guests with its plush and well appointed rooms, relaxed ambience and delectable dishes.