Poetic conversation between father and son inspires nobility as HH Sheikh Mohammed responds to HH Sheikh Hamdan’s poem on Episode 7 of El Beit

El Beit poetry show exceeds all expectations with over 700,000 submissions in 2nd month


Episode7  of El Beit’s second season aired at 9pm on Monday, December 22. The episode kicked off with a video from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum – UAE Vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai – reciting his latest poem in response to a poem by his son, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum – Crown Prince of Dubai – which exemplified nobility and encouraged generosity towards neighboring countries.  


Mr Majid Abdul Rahman Al Bastaki, the show’s General Coordinator said: “Poetry has a unique place in expressing our identity while permeating our souls with delightful emotions. It also conveys the poet’s heartfelt feelings and creative spirit. The emotional bond between father and son is reflected in the excellent relationship between the Gulf nations as well as their citizens. The creativity, excellence and ingenuity of Their Highnesses symbolizes the immense wisdom and depth of emotions, while illustrating an abundant command of our rich vocabulary.”


He added: “El Beit poetry show has exceeded all expectations by attracting 740,110 submissions in its second month, with over 1000 re-tweets. This demonstrates our extensive talent pool of distinguished and promising poets.”

This week the winner selected by the judges on the Golden Screen is Rakan Al Subaie from KSA, who won AED 100,000. Having demonstrated a masterful command of the vocabulary and rhythms of Nabati poetry, Al Subaie qualified for the Grand Finale episode and stands to win AED 1 million.


Last week’s Nabd Al Soura ‘Imagery Pulse’ competition featured an image that was personally captured by HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai. The first prize of AED 100,000 went to Mutib Al Sharrari from KSA, who qualified for the Grand Finale episode and an opportunity to win AED 1 million. The judges were impressed by the flow of emotions and sparkling creativity in the poem. Two runners-up each won AED 50,000: Ali Al Sabaan from the UAE and Waleed Khaled from KSA – although they are not eligible to participate in the final episode.


Judges Mohammed Al Murr and Awadh Al Darmaki explained: “Our participants have proved beyond any doubt that they have complete command of the unique features that make Nabati poetry stand out from other forms of poetic expression. They managed to faithfully translate the emotion of the image into the emotion of their words.”


The co-host for El Beit’s second season, Emirati poet Ahmed Al Bidwawi, introduced this week’s guest, Nasser Al Subaiae – Editor-in-Chief of ‘Al Mukhtalif’ magazine and renowned poet from KSA. Expressing his delight, Al Subaiae stated: “El Beit show is a highly intelligent concept developed by an intelligent city that distinguishes itself in every way. The show has smartly harnessed innovative tools like social media and it aims outside the box, enriching the talents of young poets and shedding more light on Nabati poetry through both conventional and unconventional media.”

Al Subaiae ultimately selected Falah Ahmed Al Jarya from Kuwait as the winner of AED 100,000 for the most outstanding chater.


Media delegations from Oman and Qatar visited the show and were honored to be taken on an official tour behind the scenes at the studio, where they also met the verses panel of judges.


The judging panels consist of renowned pioneers of contemporary poetry in the UAE and the Gulf. Verses Panel: Nayef Al-Rashidi, Kuwait; Madgham Bu Chaiba, Saudi Arabia; Zayed bin Krouz, Qatar; Mohammed Al-Murr Balabd Al Muhairi, UAE. Picture Panel: Hamad Al Kharusi, Oman; Saad bin Hindi, Kuwait; Awadh Khalifa Bin Hassoum Al Darmaki, UAE. Division Panel: Mutalq bin Shuwyeh, Saudi Arabia; Mohammed Al Khalaf, Bahrain; Jamal Al Shaqsi, UAE; Hadi Al Hajri, UAE; Nasser Al Hajri, Kuwait; Mueeth Al Otaibi, Saudi Arabia.

The show is hosted by Barakat Al Wagyan and the co-host for the second season is Emirati poet Ahmed Al Bidwawi. Joining the co-hosts is Omani poet Hilala Al Hamdani.

The widely acclaimed show is organized and produced by Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Centre, and filming takes place in Dubai Studio City.