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Celebrate the Season at Al Fanar Restaurant & Café Located at Town Center, Jumeirah

The festive season is here bringing together families and friends from all over the world. Treat your guests to the finest Emirati cuisine and culture at Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe located at Town Center, Jumeirah. The menu is an indulgent selection of dishes including a variety of freshly baked breads, rice, seafood, chicken, lamb and desserts.


Hashem Al Marzouqi, Principal, Al Fanar Restaurant & Café, said, “Food is as much an essential part of any celebration just as it is a symbol of culture. Very few expatriates are familiar with Emirati cuisine that has a rich history. At Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe, now open at Town Center, Jumeirah, we offer the most authentic Emirati flavours in traditional surroundings. Using age-old recipes, handed from generation to generation, our chefs prepare the most delicious culinary fare served in an equally traditional home-style setting. This festive season is an opportunity for both travellers and residents to discover true Emirati cuisine. Make your celebration special with an Emirati feast that will allow you to explore the nation’s fascinating food and culture”.


The latest branch of Al Fanar Restaurant & Café has just been launched at Town Center in Jumeirah. The hugely popular Emirati restaurant first began operation at Dubai Festival City Mall followed by its second outlet in Venetian Village within Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi Grand Canal.


Al Fanar Restaurant & Café has successfully established itself as the UAE’s first and only restaurant offering traditional Emirati cuisine in a themed rustic setting. Inspired from Dubai’s various facets in 1960s, it offers diners a unique experience recreated from the age-old traditions of a Bedouin way of life. Reviving memories of Dubai as a small town on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, every corner of the restaurant has a story to tell. Here, along with glimpses of a bygone era are served the finest Emirati flavours.


Al Fanar Restaurant & Café is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner featuring indoor and outdoor dining areas with both modern and traditional Emirati style seating.