By Mireille Rizk Corbani


It’s not only the calendar that tells us Christmas is here, it’s much more than that. It is the spiritual attachment for Christmas, the blessings of the season, the aromas, the tastes, and the visual feasts that make out of this holiday a delicious celebration. But nothing can allow the sweet visions of childhood diffuse in our minds like Gingerbread. Gingerbread gets its name from the rather unattractive root ‘ginger’, and its color from molasses. No doubt, Gingerbread is the ultimate Christmas treat but it can also be one of the healthiest sweet treats.


Let’s see why!

First, it’s the main ingredient “ginger” that has long been associated with countless health benefits and holistic medicine that make out of this delicious cookie a healthy treat. Historically, ginger has a long tradition of being very effective in alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. Ginger is regarded as an excellent substance that promotes the elimination of intestinal wind. It is also as well as a direct anti-inflammatory effects. Gingerroot appeared to be equally effective for automobile, airplane, or boat trips. It reduces all symptoms associated with motion sickness, including dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and cold sweating. Likewise, Ginger hinders growth of cancer cells, specifically in colorectal and ovarian cancer.


What’s more?

Gingerbread’s deep, rich color comes from molasses. It’s made with a variety of spices, it can contain honey, brown sugar, granulated sugar and butter; and here’s where empty calories come to feed you fat cells and ruin all your healthy trials.



Don’t give up on that delicious treat, we can decrease those calories by simple tricks, let’s start!


1. Sweeten your gingerbread with only blackstrap molasses. It’s a sweetener that is unlike sugar good for you! Blackstrap molasses also gives you around 20% of the recommended daily value of iron and calcium by just one tablespoon. It’s also a source of copper, manganese, magnesium, and potassium.


2. Use flaxseeds instead of eggs. You’ll benefit from more omega-3, a completely cholesterol-free gingerbread and a healthier one.


3. Replace butter with cold pressed olive oil, it’s much healthier for the heart and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.


4. You can also add Carrot Juice! Along with cinnamon and ginger, it will an earthy aroma and taste.


I can call Christmas, the season of Happiness and also the tasty season…Enjoy every moment of it, every bite of those healthy cookies and keep celebrating!