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Adorable Koi sushi by mysui….

Though Stefanie Harer – well known by jewelry insiders – is addicted to sushi tremendously, she could not slice that beautiful fish however, the koi inspired her to the launch her own charming jewelry collection “Don’t miss the catch of the day”. This expressive and beautifully fresh female design of high quality and timelessly beauty impresses with a deep passion for detail. Created with effortlessly chic and stylish to the core, this beautifully shaped jewelry exudes a luxuriously contemporary feeling for women who love the unique and like to sweeten life with a little wink.


In Chinese mythology the Koi – Stefanie Harer`s inspiration – represents, strength, perseverance, determination, success, power, intelligence and a good dash of stubbornness. It is the only animal that can climb the waterfalls of the Yellow River to turn itself into a dragon at the top and fly into the sky.


Female individuality stands at the heart of the collection and is highlighted by the singularity of the colored gemstones and pearls and their many possible combinations. Through the diverse range of shapes and colors of the carefully selected materials, every item is handmade into a truly unique creation.


Impressively high-quality materials, such as 925 sterling silver as well as 14K and 18K gold according to request, fine Tahitian cultured pearls, freshwater pearls, diamonds and fascinating, colour-coordinated gemstones, convey the irresistibly laid-back, luxurious charm of the mysui collection.


The aesthetic beauty of the materials underlines the cultivated style of every single exclusive jewellery creation. The coloured gemstones radiate optimism and joie de vivre. Their delicate color nuances are the perfect backdrop for the intricate details. The interplay of colours unites with the handmade nature of the pieces to transmit the light and relaxed style of mysui! 


Sparkling details are created in gold with diamonds whilst synthetic cubic zirconia is combined with rhodium-plated silver.



Stefanie was born and raised in Pforzheim the center of German jewelry production, also known as the “Gold City” of Germany. So it was no real surprise that she got addicted to jewelry design already her early days.

She got an education as goldsmith at famous Golden City Pforzheim Academy for Design of Jewelry, Objects and Art and studied design at School of Design of Pforzheim University founded in 1877 as the Pforzheim School of Applied Arts.

Stefanie created outstanding jewelry designs and made her mark in the world of jewelry already years ago as hidden design talent in the background of romantic and sought after collections before she started working independently on her own brand.