Tim Lauren are an event Management Company distinct in bringing brilliant ideas and unbounded creativity. They build based on firsthand experience of best practices in delivering successful events leave wonderful and unforgettable experiences to the event owners and the audience.


What do they do?

Tim Lauren provides full event management and in house production to diverse corporate events, such as product launches, press conferences, corporate anniversary parties, meetings, conferences, and grand opening events. In addition, they can coordinate special corporate hospitality events such as concerts, award ceremonies, parties to launch new products or services, fashion shows, commercial events, and even private (personal) events such as weddings and religious services.


Why Tim Lauren?

Corporate event is an extremely effective way of achieving this, either marketing your business, or delivering a particular message or celebrating an occasion. Tim Lauren’s event specialist team plans your event and deliver the AV equipment essentially brings the presentation alive so that the audience is able to connect with the brand and the message, which makes it easier to access psychologically, once they have left the event. Even at the private events and personal occasions, you want to celebrate the special moment and share it with others. Tim Lauren’s event team can create an atmosphere of picturesque where all people share wonderful moments.


Fields of expertise:

  • Planning the venue
  • Staging
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Entertainment