Paragliding is the fun and reasonable adventure sport activity of flying paragliders: lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft with no stiff chief structure. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing. Paraglider flights can last several hours and cover hundreds of kilometers, as per 10 kilometers per hour. Additionally, the pilot may gain height, often climbing to altitudes of a few thousand meters. Paragliders are exclusive among human-carrying aircraft in being easily moveable. The complete equipment packs into a rucksack and can be carried easily on the pilot’s back, in a car, or on public transport. In comparison with other air sports, this substantially simplifies travel to a suitable takeoff spot, the assortment of a landing place and return travel.




It is important to purchase your paraglider early in your lessons so you develop a feel for its handling.



The Harness is the piece of equipment that you secure to your body to, and connect to

the glider. The fitting of harnesses are much like shoes, in that every harness fits everyone different.


Emergency reserve system (parachute)

The emergency reserve system is required for all high altitude mountain flights above 500ft.


Safety helmet

Having your own personal helmet is required for the mountain high flights.


Two – meter radio and radio harness

The radio will aid you with information from other pilots while you are flying.


Stirrup/speed bar

It allows pilots to get comfortable in their harness without having to be active on their control inputs, and gives you a footstool for your flight.


Variometer and gps

The variometer gives you the advantage of mapping out thermals as you attempt to soar and make altitude gains. The GPS give you ground speed, heading, and exact location should you need a pick up or assistance.


Concertina bag

The Concertina Bag makes packing your glider much easier, especially in higher winds. The bag also provides protection from the sun when you are training and take a break. Protection from the sun when you are training and take a break.


Hook knife

Hook knives are a good thing to have accessible when you’re in flight. They could become very handy if you end up landing in water.


Flight deck

The deck clips onto your harness and sits in your lap for an easy view while you fly.


Flight suit

Once you have completed the preflight check and set up, zip on your flight suit and you’re ready for the colder weather at altitude.