By Modupe Omonze

Fashion designer and consultant


After being at the forefront of last years exhilarating fashion line-up of eight multicultural designers featuring at the Runway Dubai ‘Designer Sneak Peek’ fashion show to showcase their collections, I wanted to find out more and get the inside scoop on this exclusive event before anyone else. I met with Marcus Joseph, Executive Director at Runway Dubai, who told me more…


IN AN INTERNATIONAL HOST CITY with a population hungry for cosmopolitan, cutting edge fashion, what can RWD Summer 2015 offer? How can you top last year?

This year we have lots of surprises. Legendary Designer, Walid Attalah is going to be a guest judge at the show and also will be unveiling his exciting new collection as the finale of the show. I was privileged to see the sneak peek of it and all I can say is that I am totally overwhelmed.


Who will be showcasing?

Designers include:

• Annamaria Patronella-Italy

• Si Fashion Galerie-global

• Helen Couture-UK and Nigeria

• Nazreen Idris-Malaysia

• Salia Tarzati-Netherlands and Morrocco

• Khaled Alayoub-Kuwait

• Shaleen Cheah-Malaysia

And Walid Attalah closing the show with his new collection


With the line-up of designers looking so exciting, who should we expect to deliver above and beyond?

This year we are expecting our seven student designers to really push the boat out as they are competing against each other in our annual competition for the title of RWD designer of the year award. These designers have been working relentlessly over 5 months to get the perfect garment on the runway from their amazing sketches, to the story behind their collection along with their inspiring dreams. The Student designers are looking forward to dazzling their supporters. We encourage you to keep voting for them on our face book page www.facebook.com/runwaydubai The sevens designers that will be competing are; Aisha Thichathorn, Samah Shublaq, Mahsa Page, Fahad Mohammad, Denise Schwalm, Ayu Dewi and Rani Badri.


Last year all of the designers displayed breath –taking creations that truly appeal to the typically beautiful people of Dubai; drama, embellishment, elegance, extravagance, flamboyance, unique and ethnic creations . What can spectators expect this year?

Thank you, we were very proud of the collection that were celebrated last year. This year, guests can expect an exhilarating show with a carnival theme. Eight hand-picked designers showcasing the best in new international fashion talent and of course a lot stunning, unique pieces.


As there are lots of fashion shows springing up in the region, it looks like it is the in thing. How to you stand out from the crowd?

I feel that fashion is not supposed to be as commercialized as it has become nowadays. Here at RWD, we aim to expose truly creative people who do not necessarily have the resources or financial backing, or even the confidence to show their amazing talents to the world As a result of this, our team of experts dig deep to find these creative people hiding and provide them with whatever it takes to be exposed as an artist. The experience is so worth.


Runway Dubai is synonymous with iconic locations, including Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Mall, for its events. Where would your next ideal on-location event be?

There are so many more Iconic locations that we aspire to celebrate fashion at. Dubai leaves you no room to be stuck with one choice.


As a leader in fashion events, you have obviously travelled the world and experienced different cultures. Which country is your favorite?

The United Arab Emirates. It is the true definition of opportunities especially in this industry.


What is main focus for Runway Dubai Fashion event?

In this Region, There are no Fashion events primarily looking at show casing emerging local and international talents. As such, Runway Dubai has been established to try and address this particular issue.


Where can we go to register and arrange tickets for this exclusive event? Is it too late?


Please go to our website and register to attend this event.


Judging by how you have ta ken Dubai by storm, what can we expect from Runway Dubai in the future?

I would love for us to have extended this platform to the neighboring countries like Kuwait, Qatar, etc. We are looking to expand and to truly become a hub for creative people in fashion design.